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Tree Trimming Service

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What do tree trimming and tree pruning entail?

Tree trimming cuts down loose and hazardous limbs along with those that are extraneous or undesirable. A tree trimmer helps maintain tree shape as well. Pruning trees involves shaping through the removal of lower branches. Our tree pruning service pays special attention to removing branches that are too close together creating a visual appeal.

What are the benefits of trimming and pruning?

Trimming and pruning allows trees to keep their natural shape without appearing messy or untamed. The proper upkeeping of a tree maximizes its natural body. Aside from aesthetics, tree trimming and pruning eliminates the danger of loose limbs by getting to them before they can fall. Loose limbs in windy and stormy weather are an accident waiting to happen. Falling limbs can not only cause injury, but they can result in structural damage posing a threat to homes and electric lines. In addition, trimming keeps trees healthy by eliminating fungi and infection. Tree branch removal also clears the space allowing for better air flow. Allow the tree doctor extend the lifespan of your trees!

How can your home benefit from tree pruning and tree trimming services?

Our tree trimming service will spruce up the exterior of your home! Shaping your trees will transform the appearance of your property by creating a neater and more luxurious look. In addition, pruning your trees will visually free up lower spaces. This is ideal for trees outlining areas such as pools or patios! You'll even save down the road by extending the life of your trees.

How can your business benefit from tree pruning and tree trimming services?

Nothing shapes a customer's first impression of a business more than the exterior of it. Let us help you create an aesthetically pleasing and professional appearance with our tree trimming and pruning services! Tree limb removal eliminates the liability of falling pieces that can result in injury and damage- a risk no business owner wishes to take.

Does your Tree Trimming & Pruning company provide service near me?

Schmiede Tree serves the surrounding Union County areas.

Why call Schmiede Tree Experts?

Our tree trimmers use an assortments of tools to create the best shape for your tree without destroying its natural shape. We are experts in tree health and maintenance and take every step possible to create a finished product you are happy with. We will evaluate your property to determine the most opportune time to trim and prune your trees without harming any budding flowers.

How much does tree trimming and pruning cost?

Prices depend on the size and height of the tree. We offer quality work from efficient workers at an unbeatable price. Call our local tree service today to schedule a FREE evaluation.