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Tree Care

The doctor is in! With 50+ years examining and diagnosing specific type of trees, our tree doctor "Martin Schmiede" will not only determine the disease, but the best treatment option. Give us a call, the doctor is in!

Why tree care is so important?

Tree care is beneficial in both the short and long term. Healthy trees live longer, more fruitful lives. Diseased trees can eventually fall, posing a danger to people, property, and electric lines. The most visually appealing trees are the healthiest. In addition, disease and infection can spread like wildfire among trees. Whether tree care is an immediate need or a preventive measure, healthy trees will allow you to save down the road.

Where do you begin with tree care?

We begin our tree care process with tree diagnostics. Our experts will inspect the trees and evaluate their overall health. After a diagnosis, we'll suggest the best course of action available for tree disease treatment and plant protection.

What are the causes of tree disease?

Most often, trees suffer from the growth of fungus. Tree fungus can occupy anywhere from a row to the entirety of a trunk and typically resembles a mushroom-like structure. Tree blight is a disease that results from the onset of fungus. When tree blight goes untreated, the entire tree often must be removed. Our treatment options eliminate current fungus as well as prevent future growth.

What treatment options are available?

It's time to act on insect and disease control before it's too late! We offer a variety of tree repair options and treatments that function as both preventative measures and steps toward tree recovery.

Bridge grafting treats wood after its been worn down from the chewing of pests and animals. Two twig-like structures (scions) are nailed in place to the top and bottom of the wounded fragment. They fuse to the plant and, with time, merge with one another until the wound is closed.

When limbs split, they open up a wound that becomes a breeding ground for infection. Cabling and bracing tie branches closely together to bridge the gap between two weakened limbs. This is done with either artificial material or flexible scions woven together in a rope structure. The latter fuses together, ultimately strengthening the tree.

Biostimulant treatment boosts tree health and growth as it is absorbed into the tree. Healthier trees are more equipped to fight insects and disease. This treatment can be applied through a spraying process.

Antidessicant spraying prevents trees from drying out and becoming damaged. It allows the trees to maintain moisture throughout the winter so that they aren't forced to deplete the water supply stored in their leaves. When trees are forced to resort to stored water, the leaves and overall health suffer.

In more extreme situations, we offer tree transplanting and surgery. Tree surgery

Tree Fertilizing and Deep-root Feeding

Tree fertilizing and deep-root feeding ensure that trees get proper and sufficient nourishment. Adequate nourishment protects trees by making them healthier and stronger in fighting disease. They also stimulate fuller flower development, enhancing the visual appeal of your plants. Deep-root feeding can fill the void of poor soil while fertilizing can enhance the existent. Fertilizing diseased trees will improve it's health and can serve as a corrective treatment.

Bark tracing is the process of cutting torn tree bark off of the tree. It levels out the tree, eliminating loose pieces. This allows for the wood to quickly heal and avoid infection.

Does your Tree Care company provide service near me?

Schmiede Tree serves the surrounding Union County areas.

Why call Schmiede Tree Experts?

The doctor is in!

We know tree disease inside and out. By examining the specific type of tree, our experts are able to determine not only the disease, but the best treatment option.

Our goal is to improve the health of your trees without breaking the bank. Prices vary significantly based upon the treatment option in question and will be identified upon evaluation. Contact us to find ourt more...