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Remove hazardous and unwanted trees from your property before tragedy strikes. For over 50 years, Schmiede Tree experts have been using their expertise and experience to provide Garwood homeowners with PEACE OF MIND.
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"Remove hazardous and unwanted trees from your property and enjoy your yard again! Leave the climbing to us!"
- Martin Schmiede, Owner Schmiede Tree Experts


Garwood Tree Removal Garwood, NJ 07027

We were concerned with our trees being so close to our home. Martin impressed us with extensive knowledge of our trees and the crew was polite, arrived on time and removed the trees without incident. They also cleaned up! I recommend them with full confidence.

-The Vizzonis,
Tree Removal
Garwood, NJ 07027

What can our tree removal service do for you and your property?

Garwood has many beautiful tree lined streets, but from time to time they need maintenance and removal. Schmiede Tree Service has been keeping Garwood beautiful for over 50 years by eliminating burdensome trees. Garwood's humid and hot summers, freezing cold winters, and hurricane seasons take a toll on the trees. Throughout the town, we have removed dead, diseased, and dangerous trees, preventing future injury and damage. Martin, the tree doctor evaluates trees and presents viable options to the home owner. Whether you're looking to remove an old stump, some limbs or an entire tree, our tree cutting service has the expertise to perform the service safely.

What areas do our tree services cover?

Our tree removal service extend to residential and commercial properties. We take into account every detail of your trees and property in terms of our tree care. Whether the tree is over a building or under a wire, we use the safest and most efficient tree cutting methods for removal.

What is included in our tree removal service?

Our service involves not only tree cutting, tree removal and stump grinding, but clean up. When removing a tree, we cut the wood down as close to the land as possible. The cut wood is left stacked around the base of the tree and is either left as firewood for the property owner or hauled away.

Serving the Garwood area for over 55 years.

Popular Garwood locations where we have performed tree removal services.

  • Myrtle Ave.
  • 4th St.
  • Center St.
  • North Ave.
  • South Ave.
  • Garwood Center of Town

Why call Schmiede the "tree doctor"?

Understanding the Risks

Poorly conducted tree diagnosis and removal can take a toll on your landscape and put your home at risk. Our tree doctor, has over 50 years experience in evaluating tree health. Our diagnostic process focuses on not only tree health, but seamless removal without disrupting the surrounding area. We evaluate the size, stability, and age of the tree before determining the best strategy for the job. Plus, with a wide array of equipment, our tree experts use state-of-the-art tools specifically tailored to your property's needs.

Why are we considered the best Garwood tree removal company?

Expertise, 50+ years experience and a long list of satisfied clients in the Garwood area are testaments to our tree cutting and trimming services.

How much will tree removal cost?

The cost depends on the size, weight, and type of tree. Prices vary, but we are committed to giving you the best price possible. Contact us today for a FREE estimate and evaluation of your trees.